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Focus on Future Success
  • State Leader in percentage growth of sales tax for 5 years.
  • Construction of South Fontana Recycled Water Project.
  • In progress construction of three interchanges.
  • Invested heavily In Technology and efficiency enhancing equipment.
  • Implemented the City’s first integrated development strategy which encouraged new businesses, helped established companies expand, improved infrastructure, beautified the city and created jobs.
  • Provided fiscally responsible government with balanced budgets while ensuring the delivery of vital public services.
Keep Our Citizens Safe
  • Top 20 Safest Communities in the Nation.
  • Fontana Rapid Response Team to deal with safety issues associated with early release
  • Reentry Support Team developed to provide recent individuals released from jail with resources the need to avoid returning to jail.
  • Created an award winning Future Leadership Investment Program (FLIP) in partnership with the Fontana Unified School District targeting positive development opportunities for at risk youth. Received the nationally acclaimed Webber Seavey Award for this program
    Police Station remodel that expanded the station by 40,000 square feet and provided the top technology to service our growing community.
  • Established a city-wide paramedic program and Fire District.
  • Helped secure $43 million in grants for civic improvements.
  • Improved the capabilities of Fontana’s Police Department to prevent and fight crime.
  • Make sure Fontana’s firefighters had the resources needed to keep our city safe.
  • Created a Fontana Senior Safety Network to centralize resource referrals and to prevent elder abuse.
  • Purchased and rehabilitated aging apartment buildings to prevent blight and crime.
  • Began Certified Emergency Response Training (CERT) as part of Office of Emergency Services (OES) and incorporated Neighborhood Watch into the program.
Maintain a Proud, Well-Cared for Appearance
  • Constructed/reconstructed 19 City Parks since 1999.
  • Constructed border to border Pacific Electric Trail.
  • Built two roller hockey facilities.
  • Built 11 lighted soccer/football fields.
  • Built 11 baseball fields.
  • Tripled the Size of Fontana Chaffey College.
  • Repaired infrastructure, added sidewalks and increased tree-trimming and street-sweeping.
  • Created the area’s first smart transportation systems and traffic center to help residents in their commute and shopping.
  • Built 10 new parks and added lighting to local sports playing fields.
  • Initiated joint-use agreements with local schools so that communities would have access to additional recreational areas.
Welcome New Families and Businesses
  • Received national and international award recognition for many city developed programs
  • Recently awarded number 2 in the Nation, Number 1 city in the State of California for “Lets Move” a healthy lifestyle program created by the First Lady, Michelle Obama
  • Built Lewis Library and Technology Center and facilitated the expansion of Chaffey College in Fontana.
  • Oversaw development of 10,000 new family residents and aggressively marketed a wide variety of financial assistance programs to first-time homebuyers.
  • Partnered with Fontana USD and Boys and Girls Club to establish the Smart Kids Program to provide mentoring for our youth.
Diversify our Economy Provide Fiscally Responsible Government
  • Made intergovernmental and great funding a priority
  • Lived within our means for 15 years and counting
  • Approved over 13-million square feet of industrial development to create more than 5000 new jobs and green-lighted two-million square feet of commercial space.


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